Keycard 1.0 Bugs

First off, I’d like to thank everyone for their support of Keycard on its first day out! It’s been an incredibly successful launch (including being featured as high as #7 on the Top Charts Paid Apps) and we are looking forward to pushing updates of Keycard to make it the best security app out there. While we understand you expect the best for your money, Bluetooth is very difficult to work with and every day we are working on improving it’s functionality. With that said, we want to thank everyone who understands that this is very much a 1.0 release. We are still working on some bugs and improving as the days go on. While Bluetooth is tricky, we aren’t asking for pity. 

Secondly, before contacting our support team ( try a fresh install of Keycard. This has resolved a lot of people’s issues. Additionally, it may take us some time to get back to you. We are receiving a ton of emails, but we want to focus on improving the software at the same time. 

Lastly, here are some of the most common bugs we’ve seen and what you can do to try and work around them. 

Keycard is locking even though my iOS device is right next to my computer

This is the biggest complaint we are seeing. It’s a false positive basically and there are some things you can do to try and prevent it from happening. 

1. Try re-pairing your iOS device with Keycard doing the following: 

Unfortunately, this is all that can be done at the moment. This is happening because the default “trigger range” for Keycard is extremely sensitive and when the signal is strong, it’ll trigger the lock. We are working on enhancements for this in a 1.1 release.

I’d like to have Keycard open at start-up

We thought this would be a great feature to have and people seem to think the same. However, we’ve heard that it’s not working as well as we had hoped it would. Again this is something we are going to have to fix in 1.1. For the time being however, you can still have Keycard open at start-up by adding it as a start-up item. Instructions on how to do can be found here:

I forgot my 4 digit pin and I am now locked out

If your device was connected, try leaving the area that you were in and coming back. This will possibly unlock your computer. 

If you can’t remember it you will either have to wait it out or unfortunately, power down your computer. 

Some other notes:

Again, thank you so incredibly much for your support of Keycard! We are excited about the lifetime of the app and are looking forward to improving it.